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We all have photos or images that we want to browse through. However, this is sometimes a huge hassle. This goes for professional photographs that you make money from. It also includes personal photos that you just want to have of your friends, vacation, or family. No matter what kind of images you are trying to browse, you need a good application.

Simplified and Improved

One of the things about QuickViewer that we found when reviewing this piece of incredible software is that it offers you a number of features without being complicated. A lot of image software out there will want to cram in various features that you just don’t need when editing or viewing an image.

Windows computers just don’t come with a very good picture viewer by default. Therefore, you have to resort to having these photo viewers that all seem to want to be complicated. Well, this application has provided a very streamlined and simple interface. You won’t need to worry about messing with a lot of configuration settings. In fact, we didn’t even have to refer to a manual even once during our review of this software.

Folders and Archives are a Breeze

Want to work with various folders or archives? It’s simple with QuickViewer. First of all, we need to inform you that the app is portable. It will show you a variety of archives and work with file formats that make it easy to use. Just tell it what window you want to go to, and your folder will be there ready for you. Now, if there is other content, it will help you out. It will ignore the other content so you can keep browsing the photos.

Navigation is Simple

One of the main things that you will immediately notice about this application is how easy it is to navigate it. You can explore any images that you might want. Then, there are different approaches that you actually can take. It will make you much more productive, and therefore, you can handle anything that is thrown at you.

The most common option that you are likely to use is the zooming feature. You can go in or out in terms of how zoomed in it is. You will be able to see the photos in two different panels as well. This is quite useful if you find yourself going into full-screen mode.

Efficient Features

This offers a number of features while still being an application that doesn’t take up a lot of space. It looks nice without having too much going on.


In the end, QuickViewer is something that can help you view photos in a streamlined way. It is quick, easy, and lightweight. It’s no wonder that we were hearing things about this software before we even decided to review it. When you need to view your photos on your PC, you will love using this tool. It makes things so simple, and it’s clear that the developers really wanted to achieve a great user experience.

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