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Psiphon allows you to see content that’s hidden in your country because it’s restricted in your country by hiding your computer’s IP and allowing you to browse restricted websites easily.

With it, you won’t ever have to worry about the safety of your browsing. That’s because the app will automatically hide your Internet activity from your ISP, and thus protect you from the possible problems that might arise due to your browsing activity. Instead, you’ll be able to see websites discreetly that were previously not visible in your country.

An Anti-Censorship Tool

One of the best features of this app is how friendly it is, even for total beginners. It has a very well-organized and technically uncomplicated GUI, which allows it to be easier to use even for newbies. If you have any experience with VPN tools, that’s an advantage, but you don’t need it.

With Psiphon 3, you can simply specify the server you want to use and connect to. Most of the time, you’ll find that connecting to one of the servers that is close to your country’s location will provide you with the fastest server, although that’s not always necessarily the case.

Proxy Your Internet Traffic

To keep you safe while browsing, the application will automatically navigate and find the secure protocols by scanning these protocols and helping you find the most reliable ones. You can even use SSH or SSH+ if you can’t navigate to your preferred websites via the usual VPN service. That way, you’ll be able to bypass the censorship put onto the content you’re trying to access.

When you enter VPN mode, you’ll be able to hide the traffic you use and the connections you’ve accessed with ease. You switch to a private network mode, making your connections invisible and entirely safe for you.

You can also make changes to the port number, which is usually automatically selected. You can also make other changes to the connections by accessing the Settings menu. Sometimes, you’ll even need to do some tweaking if your connections get slow. Some users have reported that their connection sometimes gets slow when they use the VPN client. Sometimes, the network is incompatible with your settings or the hardware, so you’ll need to do some tweaking.

Surf the Web Safely

In addition to being able to access the sites that were censored in your country, you’ll now have the ability to visit those sites while staying 100% protected. The tool will find the safest and most secure connections, so your files and your information will never be at risk.

To conclude

Stay safe while browsing and visit censored sites by using Psiphon, an intuitive tool that also offers you a VPN service. All of your connections will be secure and hidden to your ISP provider, meaning you’ll be able to visit sites that were previously not accessible. It’s a simple and intuitive application that helps you tweak some settings if you’re more of an advanced user, too.

Psiphon is an excellent alternative to other privacy solutions like Ultrasurf or Freegate.

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