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If you need to monitor the position of the satellites, then this application has been created specifically for you. Orbitron allows you to observe the satellite position for various people that are passionate about astronomy, UFOs, etc.

This application provides you to know the real-time position of the satellite at any particular time. Similarly, the simulated position can also be easily viewed. You can load 20,000 satellites at a specific time from TLE files and follow them without any problems.

You can have different simulation options for the day and night times. Additionally, obtaining information about each of the objects is not difficult at all, if you are using this application.

It has a complete database of the satellites along with the frequencies on which they are orbiting. Furthermore, radar is also added as part of the application. You can even calculate the position of a satellite based on the orbit calculations that you have. You can even establish a QSO with other radio users available.

Orbitron is an application to provide you the real-time and simulated positions of a satellite. You can learn a lot about the satellites and their movement through this application.

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