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It is an application to help you use the Wi-Fi with more ease on your devices than ever before. Troubleshooting all the Wi-Fi related issues is possible through NetSpot.

NetSpot has two modes, i.e., Discover and Survey. Both these moves can help you find the problems in your Wi-Fi network. Moreover, the data related to a particular connection also becomes available for you to analyze and see.

Some of the features of NetSpot include discovery of the Wi-Fi mode, configuration of the passive Wi-Fi, detection and positioning of Smart AP, visualization of signal level, along with the exposure of the hidden network.

NetSpot can also help you to find the excessive access point and mark zones where you can get the best signals for a particular network. You can initiate your search from any point and then roam around for the collection of the best Wi-Fi signals.

The interface of the application is easy to use so novices or experts can easily use it even on the first attempt of using it.

NetSpot is a practical application to visualize the Wi-Fi signals and give a boost to your connectivity level.

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