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MultiMC is an application to launch Minecraft game in multiple instances. It supports multiple instances, which means that separate mods, textures, and saves can be generated through it. Additionally, the application interface is robust and ensures that you can get all the features from this application.

You can even start a Minecraft with a custom resolution. Moreover, you can change Java’s runtime options, providing you with extreme customizability you can expect from any such application. The console output can be seen in a color-coded window.

Forge integration and custom icons and groups for Minecraft’s multiple instances can be enabled using this application. Importing and exporting Mine instances is also amongst the possible feature that this application provides.

You can easily manage the entire Minecraft World. In case of the Minecraft’s freeze, killing it is easily possible if you are using MultiMC.

MultiMC is an application to provide you with a smooth launch of Minecraft and its multiple instances and the various features to make the management easy.

MultiMC features and benefits:
  • multiple instances of Minecraft at the same time
  • play Minecraft with a custom resolution
  • kill Minecraft if it crashes
  • forge integration
  • import and export Minecraft instances

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September, 23th 2022
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Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
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