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MTPuTTY, known as the Multi-Tabbed Putty, is a tool which a lot of people find useful and it is one of the most popular SSH clients for Windows. If you want to start a new copy of PuTTY, this tool will help you out a lot, and you will find out that it is a handy tool for you which you will like. It will enable the user to open a new connection, and in case he would need five active connections, this tool will offer the user the possibility to open these connections with ease. You can, for example, run five instances of PuTTY, and you will see that you will have five different windows opened with this program.

It is free to use utility which enables you to wrap an unlimited number of PuTTY applications in one tabbed GUI interface. You can continue using your favorite SSH client, and you won`t be able to mess around with PuTTY windows. Every window will be opened in a separate tab, and you will know which window will be assigned to the task you focus on. There are a few features you need to know about this tool.

First of all, you have to understand that this one will support all of the PuTTY protocols so that you can choose from Raw, Telnet, SSH or Rlogin with ease. This one will also help the main session, and you can control this tool by commanding the line parameters the way you want. It will be easy to run the Putty program configuration directly from the program. MTPuTTY is also known for the automation feature, and this means that you can quickly login to remote servers and “type” your passwords. It will be possible to run any script after you log in. The user can promptly type text in server PuTTy tabs at the same time. It will be an easy to use tool with a clear tabbed interface.

All of the servers are grouped in a sidebar, and the taskbar will offer quick access to basic program tasks. Another great thing is the fact that the tab can be easily converted and detached into a full PuTTy window and this can come in handy if you will be using this tool. You do not have to use any libraries if you use this tool and take advantage of it.

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