Monkey's Audio 8.67

Monkey's Audio 8.67

September, 08th 2022 - Free - 100% Safe
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You can convert the .wav tracks into .ape tracks with this application. The compression of files done through Monkey’s Audio does not impact sound quality. However, you can expect a decrease in size, which makes storage and sharing of files easier.

The interface design and all the features arranged conveniently make the application intuitive. You cannot only compress WAV tracks. Changing formats between the compressed file formats is also possible through Monkey’s Audio.

With this application, you can adjust the speed of compression. The application’s various speed categories are normal, fast, high, extra high, and insane. Editing and removing the tags of the .ape version of the files is also possible through this app.

You can get an overview of the statistics of the file after the compression. Even the percentage terms mentioned for the size reduction can help you better understand how much size has been reduced.

Many files can be run simultaneously, but you can have control over the number of files running. Similarly, setting the priority level to these files and notification on completing the task are some of the other features of the application.

Monkey’s Audio can easily compress, decompress, and convert the file formats of the .wav files for you.

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