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Mobogenie is an alternative for Google Play and allows you to manage the applications of your Android devices on your computer.

First of all, you can edit your contact list by using Mobogenie. For this, you don’t have to handle the individual information instead of the duplication of data, addition of new contact information and merely the storage of contact data can be managed by group clicking.

You can also get the newest music and videos on your phone through your PC. You can browse them on your computer and can later transfer them on your phone through Mobogenie.

The most helpful feature of Mobogenie is the management of your email inbox. You can clean up your inbox, keeping the crucial conversations while deleting the advertisements and unwanted messages from your phone by using Mobogenie on your computer. Reading those texts and categorizing them, as spam is a lot easier on a bigger screen with the availability of the mouse clicks as compared to the phone version.

Restoring the critical data of your mobile on your computer is also possible with just a single click.

Mobogenie provides you with ease of managing your phone through your PC and at the same time, it allows the transfer of files from your computer to your mobile easily.

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November, 20th 2018
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