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One of the applications that provide you with enough features for making you a DJ is Mixxx. Multiple features make it easy not to play the music rather enjoying it also become easier. It allows you to enable drag and drop feature for playing music. You can drop a file into the player, and it would start playing immediately. Additionally, the visual element associated with Mixxx makes sure that you enjoy each of the beat of the music that you are playing.

You can even change the tempo of the song, but the pitch will remain similar so that you won’t feel any problems in the voice or quality of the music that you are playing. Temporarily tweaking the tempo is also possible through this application.

You can even loop some of the tracks so that the music would be continuously playing until you find your next song. 4, 8 or 16 beats can be looped together. Creating remixes of the songs right at the place when you are playing the music is also one of the features of this application. You can use the multiple decks for this feature, as the content would remain locked if you will change the speed of the music.

Hotcues within the tracks can be markedand yu can get to these points straight away with the use of specific hotkeys. The format supported by this application is broadly ranged, making it possible for you to play any song that is demanded.

Mixxx is an application to help you mix the music to be played as a DJ. The multiple features available makes this application unique.

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