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MetroTextual is a Windows text editor inspired by Microsoft’s Metro Design Language and is dedicated to web developers. This software has a minimalist interface that is very easy to use and provides great usability. Thanks to the clever use of multi-threading technology, this application is very fast and is able to process large amounts of text at a very high speed. The main feature of this program is the highlighting functionality that is able to load the most appropriate syntax based on the extension of the file.

Another great thing about this application is that it is suitable for C#, XML, HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, CSS, Python, SQL and Assembly language. Perhaps one of the reasons MetroTextual is so popular is its impressive compatibility that allows it read and edit text using any character encoding system supported by Windows.

It has an integrated auto-save and recovery feature that proves to be a real life saver sometimes.

MetroTextual features and benefits:
  • Syntax highlighting with file extension detection
  • Super fast
  • Compatible with all character encodings supported by Windows
  • Beautiful Metro style user interface
  • Auto-saving and file recovery

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