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If you are looking for better management of your emails, then using Mailbird is a good option. You can manage multiple accounts through a single application, allowing you to work more efficiently.

You can get faster access to your mailbox and all its associated functions. Even delaying emails is made more accessible while using it. You can snooze them, choosing a time interval according to your needs and the snoozed mail will pop up as a new email. This feature allows you to adjust the timing of the replies of your email according to your need.

According to the relevant accounts, the folders created according to each of your accounts help categorize the sent emails, inbox, drafts, etc. according to the relevant accounts. The purpose of this folder is to facilitate you in the maximum possible way.

Furthermore, the option of creating an email signature is also possible. It also provides the opportunity to attach the attachments from the Dropbox. The program also supports integration with calendar applications such as Google Calendar.

However, suppose you are looking for some of the advanced features like suggested replies customized for each email in the inbox or improved categorization of important emails. In that case, this tool will not serve your purpose, as it does not support these features.

Additionally, you can all the filters present in the regular email applications, so if you are expecting the same experience with Mailbird (with just an integration of accounts added), you will be disappointed.

Overall, Mailbird is a handy and straightforward tool for fulfilling all your basic needs, especially for multiple account handling. Still, it does not support some of the advanced features that are present in other applications.

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