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The creation of virtual CD and DVDs is no longer a technical task, thanks to MagicDisc Virtual DVD / CD-ROM that makes the entire virtual CD/DVD creation easy. The formats supported by this application are wide-ranged, making it possible for the users to make their own choice without compromising their virtual images’ quality.

Some of the features supported by this utility are BIN, NRG, CIF, IMG/CCD, VCD, MDF/MDS, VDI, CDI, C2D, TAO/DAO, etc. But these are not the only file formats that the application supports. You can go for other file formats, too; these are just the prominent ones.

Password protection is also allowed. Thus, you can create your own virtual CD/DVD, protect it using a password, and consider it safe on your PC. Neither the other users of your computer nor a third-party intervention will reveal the data stored on your virtual CD/DVD.

MagicDisc not only works for the creation of content. You can also play the games in ISO format. So, it is a great tool that allows you various benefits.

Overall, MagicDisc Virtual DVD / CD-ROM is useful for the management of virtual CDs and DVDs.

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October, 17th 2020
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2.7 Build 106
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Windows 7, Windows 8
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