Magic Set Editor

Magic Set Editor

January , 22th 2023 - Free - 100% Safe
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You can create the Magic the Gatherings cards through this application. Whether you have lost the original ones or want to have fun with friends, you can use this application.

Magic Set Editor can help you in the creation of game cards for several games. It contains the templates for all the possible card games to create the cards you like easily.

Using the application is simply because of its friendly and intuitive interface, which eases the process and makes it even better. The file types used for creating these cards are familiar, so there is nothing that would surprise you while creating them.

Several options are available to design the cards that can be adequate to your needs. You can set the style quickly, set the information, and view the statistics. Additionally, you can add the images and texts on the cards. Reshaping the images, choosing the card’s background color, sharpening the image and the added text are all the features.

There are some default settings of the cards available. You can use them or customize them to create your cards. Additionally, configuring default and automatic settings is also possible.

Magic Set Editor provides you an opportunity to spend your time in a fun way. Moreover, you can get your lost cards back through this application as well.

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