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Laragon was launched as a SaaS service for people who wanted to create apps easily and quickly without the inconvenience of extensive programming. It’s a fast and powerful universal development environment for Apache, Nginx, MariaDB, PHP, Node.js, Redis, Memcached, and other frameworks. It’s also very lightweight and low-demand as it will use only about 4MB of ram.

Web Development Made Fast and Enjoyable

The main goal of this service is to create an environment where web development is enjoyable and free of unneeded clutter. This application is portable and very lightweight, as it won’t take long to install, and it also won’t demand too many resources when it’s running.

It is a modern web development tool using the latest technologies. If you want to create a WordPress CMS in just one click, this app is excellent. If you’re going to show your local projects to customers, this app is great. If you want to enable or disable a PHP extension, this app is great.

Lightweight and Portable

If you want to get developing fast and effortlessly, then you can simply use this app and get started. You’ll need little to no installation, too. When the latest update is available, you can download it and install it easily. When the app is running, it will automatically detect and install the missing runtime components.

If you’re looking to get into web development, but you don’t want the hassle of programming, then you should definitely consider this app.


Laragon is a lightweight and easy to use web development framework that lets you create incredible apps and environments with just a couple of clicks. It makes web development easy and effortless.

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