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KLayout provides a way to access your GDS or OASIS files. It allows you to view these file formats easily along with the facility to edit them properly. You cannot only edit or view these formats but can create new documents as well through this fantastic application.

It is easy to install and operate. Al the important functionalities are present in the form of buttons on the interface. Additionally, you can also get guidance about all the relevant features and its usage after little exploration of the application.

A short video tutorial you should check:

It allows you to work with multiple layouts at the same time. For example, you can open the editing and viewing mode at the same time, and you will not face any responsiveness issues in the application. It also contains a built-in configurator, which can allow you to view the layout of all the essential features quite quickly. Some of these features include colors and fill patterns. Additionally, the features like zoom, copy, pasting and renaming the files are also available using this software.

It allows you to use JPG and PNG files in your documents for a better outlook. So, you won’t have to make additional efforts in changing formats and using such files in the GDS or OASIS files.

KLayout has been designed to provide various features for the users of GDS and OASIS file formats, so that can work efficiently and without any hindrances.

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