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Kinza is a web browser based on Chromium. Its purpose is to provide the users with a unique and customized experience, which is not possible through the other search engines available in the market.

It has features and settings that need to be adjusted by the users to define their personal browsing experience. Some of these unique features include accessing the bookmarks and favorites through side panels, RSS reader, download manager, and a few other locations. You can select the location that suits you to find them there.

The mouse gesture support is the basic feature that this browser provides. You can have some options in the form of the list that adjust the results to quickly manage the list and its features.

The search function supports the drag-and-drop feature. You can drag the term to the search engine, and it will automatically show the search results in the new tab. Even a sidebar for accessing some of the quick features is also part of this tool. Withal these features, a better user experience has been intended by the developers for the users.

Kinza is a customized Chromium-based browser that provides a higher room for customization than the other browsers available.

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May, 10th 2021
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