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If you have ever tried to burn ISO files to a USB drive, thumb drive, or flash drive, you have probably found that it does not come without certain challenges. However, if an application is portable and relatively lightweight, it does make your job easier. That is something that ISO to USB helps immensely. With only a few configuration settings to worry about, you can start the process with few moving parts and avoid wasting time.

Beginners will like these simplified settings. However, keep in mind that advanced users may desire a few more features that are stripped out for simplicity’s sake.

Still, the fact that ISO to USB keeps every option within one window means that it is so streamlined, it is almost too hard to pass up even for veteran tech experts.


There are different things you might be trying to do. For instance, you might want to burn your ISO to a drive that is removable. As long as the drive is larger than the file, you have nothing to worry about.

Therefore, when you are selecting the path, you can choose different file systems. This includes NTFS, FAT, and FAT32. You can also make the drive fire up in bootable mode if that is what your setup requires. You will benefit from a status panel near the bottom that lets you know how the drive is writing.

Reasonable Resource Requirements

With some software, it seems like you need to be a computer wiz or have a supercomputer just to accomplish a simple task. Luckily, this software is easy on both counts.

Overall, this application will let you get your ISO files onto the drive of your choice, in the format you need. And it lets you do it without much hassle. Because of that, I feel it’s a good addition to your arsenal.

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