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IP Hider

April, 19th 2021 - Trial - 100% Safe
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IP Hider turns out to be an easy to use tool which you will enjoy because it will enable you to hide your IP address. You won`t have to worry about being tracked online by any website or your Internet Service Providers.

This tool will automatically configure all browsers you are using on your computer, and this means that it will be possible to browse the internet without concerns. The reason why it will be possible to do so is that IP Hider uses anonymous proxies which will help you in routing all your Internet traffic through them.

Thanks to IP Hider it will be possible to browse anonymously, check emails and even participate in different newsgroups using proxies from countries different than yours. You can interact with any website in an anonymous way and by using proxies, it will be possible to post messages, post on forums and play games without anyone knowing your true identity.

This application will also offer you some premium proxies that will never slow down your internet connection. It will be possible to browse the web anonymously while using a fake IP address.

IP Hider is going to work on any Windows device and thanks to the friendly interface any user can take advantage of it. The user will also have the Disable Online Anonymity Option available in the case you need to disable the anonymous status.

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April, 19th 2021
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