Intel Processor Identification Utility

Intel Processor Identification Utility

April, 19th 2023 - Free - 100% Safe
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If you are not aware of the capabilities that the processor of a computer has, then using this application can provide you with all the relevant details about your processor. Intel Processor Identification Utility works correctly with the Intel processors only. Within a few minutes, this application can provide you with all the characteristics of your processor. The interface of the application is tabbed, providing different sections for each type of information.

The application provided the expected and reported information regarding your CPU. It displays among other information the speed of your processor, the embedded technologies along with the 64-bit architecture, etc.

You can even know if your CPU supports technologies like SpeedStep, SSE and Advanced Vector Extensions. Family, model, stepping, and revision are also amongst the services of Intel Processor Identification Utility. With this application, at work, you can expect genuine information at your disposal.

Intel Processor Identification Utility can provide you with all the essential data that you would need for knowing the capabilities and performance of your computer Intel CPU.

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April, 19th 2023
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