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ImageGlass is something that could surely replace the standard viewer for many Windows users. While Photo Viewer comes pre-installed on Windows and does a serviceable job, there is a lot left to be desired.

It can do everything that Photo Viewer does and more. It has a suite of features without being a heavy application. If you have ever used Photo Viewer on Windows Vista or Windows 7, then you have likely run into issues with simple image formats like GIF or PNG files. However, this application quickly loads these formats due to RAM usage that preloads images. You can reorient or resize images with ease, something not offered in Photo Viewer.

What to Know About This Free Software

ImageGlass has a crisp and minimalistic aesthetic, featuring a plain main window and a toolbar with icons for navigation. To test it out, we clicked on the Open File icon on the toolbar. After selecting a PNG image from our files, we could start manipulating it right away. It was straightforward to rotate, zoom, and scale the PNG image accordingly. Plus, converting the file was a breeze. All we had to do was use a drop-down menu to pick a new file type and then save it in our desired directory.

There are buttons that allow you to change the background, view the image in full-screen, see thumbnails, and change the settings around. One of the settings worth mentioning is ImageBooster. With this, you can dedicate a certain amount of RAM to load images faster. This even applies to series of images.

Like any good software, there is a help menu for troubleshooting. One feature that makes this tool incredibly convenient is the ability to add it to context menu, so you can use it when browsing various image file types. We were even able to play around with different skins for a cohesive look.


ImageGlass made a good impression on us, and we particularly enjoyed being able to scale images at will. Also, being able to decide whether an image scales to the rest of your screen or vice versa is a powerful ability. A close second is the speed with which you can browse through images using ImageBooster.

At the end of the day, it’s a comprehensive image viewer that stands leagues above the stock Windows programs.

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