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iBackup Viewer

March, 02nd 2023 - Demo - 100% Safe
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If you were looking for an iPhone backup viewer, then you have to know that an iBackup Viewer is a tool that will enable you to extract contacts and to export and printing SMS & iMessage messages to PDF files.

It will also be an excellent tool for exporting phone call history, and it will also enable you to add safari visit history and bookmarks to desktop safari. It will be easy to recover different photos and videos by using this one out, and you will undoubtedly find it an easy to use tool that you will enjoy a lot.

The application is created for privacy protection, and it will work well with the encrypted backups, so if you want to try this one out, it will undoubtedly be the tool for you. All iPhone contacts will be saved with ease and easily extracted from the Address Book or the Contacts without any issue.

You can easily save contacts as vcards files on the disk, and you can even share your contacts without any problem. You can share these contacts with friends and online mail systems like Gmail, and this means that the tool will be pretty useful for you, and you will like it a lot.

Extracting all of your WhatsApp History will be easy to do while using this one out, and it will undoubtedly help you in retrieving iMessage and also SMS text messages without any problem. It will also be an excellent tool to save chats to pdf files without any problem, and all of the conversations will be printed out to paper.

Creating HTML files for all messages will be a great thing to do with this one, enabling you to do so. It will also support extracting WhatsApp message history with ease.

iBackup Viewer offers you the option to obtain different photos and even video clips so that you can always remember some of the best moments of your life. It will extract these files, and you can save them to your files every time you would like.

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