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HoneyView allows you to create slideshows using your pictures collection. Using this application enables you to add different effects, edit your photos and view them in a single go.

It has a beautiful and user-friendly interface that provides various options for you to choose and test the outcome of your slideshows. The different views that the application allows you can help in selecting the one that would be most easy to use based on your considerations.

The size of the picture, cropping impact, adjustment of brightness, an addition of frames are some of the features that are provided by this application. Additionally, the changes in a particular slideshow regarding the repetition of pictures, deletion, and addition on the spot, as well as the addition of effects between photos are some of the additional features of the applicatioon.

HoneyView can also allow you the image rotation, managing the name and size of the application as well. Additionally, the customization of keyboard shortcuts and mouse inputs can be adjusted easily with this application.

HoneyView is an excellent application that can allow you to make changes in your pictures and adjust them in the slideshows according to your preferences and the effects that you want.

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September, 27th 2022
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5.49 Build 6173
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7.75 MB
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Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
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