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Gygan will let you share your files over the Internet, and you will see that sharing them is quite an easy job to do. You probably used in the past some P2P applications, but as you know, these apps aren`t that great especially in some cases so you should better make use of this tool because it will help you.

It is possible to share any of your data or find and download something that interests you. This Gygan tool will help you in sharing files across the web and will provide you with a search function which will assist you in finding what you need. The best thing about Gygan is the fact that it will be available for free and it will be easy to download and install it.

After you have installed this tool, you must create and also confirm a free online account. All of the downloads are organized in different categories, depending on their age, and it will be possible to access recently uploaded files. It is also possible to filter the files and to show only videos. You will also manage to see the quality of your files and also the size or any other details you want.

It will even be possible to use the search function. You can use this function by only typing your keyword in the upper right corner of the interface, and you will see that the app will show you all of the results right away. It will even be possible to stream and play videos on your computer while they are being downloaded.

The downloads and uploads are listed in separate sections on the interface. If you want to upload a file, you will only have to fill in a series of input fields and also click a few checkboxes or even radio buttons. You can set your upload to private or public, and if you want to share your files only with your friends, you will have to click the radio button.

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