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For gamers, this is the social networking application through which you can expect to get connected with the gamers from the other parts of the world.

To use Garena, you’ll have to download it and create an account once the downloading process is completed. An avatar will be given to you so that you can keep your different presence in the gaming community. With this application, you’ll be able to find the people with similar skills and abilities as of yours along with the same level of play. All this is done after detecting your skills and statistics once you’ll log in to your account.

Some of the features that Garena provide to the users include instant chatting, emails, the presence of different chatting platforms where you can get insights about the games from the other players. You can even expect to get the experience points, which play an essential role in helping you find the people with your aptitude.

One of the limitations of this application is that not every game discussion is supported by it. If you like only, a few games, then you might not find your game on the platform, thus rendering this application useless for you. Some of the prominent games that are the part of Garena include Age of Empires I and II, Battlefield 2, Borderlands, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare and World At War 1 and 2, Countertrike: Source, Left 4, Dead 1 and 2, Red Alert 3, Starcraft, Team Fortress 2 and Warcraft 3.

Garena is an application that can connect you with the players of different games with the rest of the gamers around the world. You can connect through instant chats, forum discussions, and emails.

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