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FlexiHub has been designed to provide you with remote access to devices connected over the network. It can establish connections between devices present anywhere in the world. There is no specific range of parameters in which this application works, so connecting with remote devices across the world is possible.

This application works by forming a cloud encompassing all the hardware devices that are in the network. You can find these devices’ names and properties to provide you with an opportunity for easy access and better connectivity. Some of the devices you can connect using include a scanner, printer, USB dongle, camera, etc.

You can invite other people to join the network and expand it to better share devices and resources. Each new user connected to the network formed by this application has access to all the hardware equipment.

The best use of this app can be seen in the corporate environment, where the need to share data efficiently is a necessity. Additionally, the data transferred through this utility is secured with 256 bit SSL encryption. With the strong encryption, the data transmitted from one device to the other remains secured and inaccessible by third parties.

After downloading and installing the application to your computer, you are ready to use it. Additionally, the data traffic gets lowered by employing FlexiHub for data transfer, improving the speed, and enhancing overall efficiency.

Another essential feature of this software is that you don’t have to access the network through your computer’s real IP address. It can work properly with an overridden IP address as well. Additionally, using this application can transfer data across platforms and manage access to your devices quite conveniently.

FlexiHub is an application to ensure that you can create a network and share the data and hardware devices with remote access securely and efficiently.

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