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You can consider FastCopy as an alternative to the generic copy function of Windows, but with a faster speed. Managing your files between two locations is possible through this application. Copying files, moving them, and deleting the ones, which are not required, can be effectively managed through this application.

The process of installation of the application is simple too. You need to have the executable file and double click it for the application to start operations. Such an easy installation process also makes it easy for you to copy it on the USB and keep it on the go with you. Moreover, no traces of changes can be found on the registry files of your computer.

You need to pick the source and destination file from the computer to start using this application. But you can find some features on the interface of the application, which makes it difficult for beginners to use it.

While using FastCopy, you can expect the information like transfer rate, file rate, and total time needed to execute the copying function to be included besides the activity taking place.

In case of copying files from one location to the other, when the user selects the “copy “or “move” feature, you should expect the files in the destination folder to be overwritten and the chances of losing your data.

Overall, FastCopy is an efficient tool to copy files from one location to another.

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