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Dropbox is a file hosting service and application. In essence, it is a cloud storage service that offers file synchronization services. It is a magical little folder on your hard drive where you drop files, and they are automatically synced to the cloud.

You can then access them from anywhere and from any device. File synchronization and sharing have never been more effortless before Dropbox. You probably know what cloud storage is and how important it is to sync and share files quickly.

It is why we will talk about some advantageous yet little-known features of this app. You can share screenshots with ease by enabling the screenshot-sharing feature. With this option enabled, it will automatically save screenshots and add a share link to your clipboard. You then paste the link (Ctrl+P) anywhere you want to share the screenshot.

Did you know that you, or other people who have access to your files (coworkers, project managers, friends, etc.), can write comments? You no longer need emails to keep track of the changes because each file supports commenting. Users are also notified when new comments are posted. You don’t need software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint to preview your files.

Dropbox‘s file preview tool can open many types of files without requiring any extra programs. The only thing you need for the preview is a web browser. And the service can open PDF files as well. A zoom tool is included for large documents, and you can even print from the file viewer. You can pick which files and folders to sync from the cloud to your computer using the Selective Sync feature.

It allows you to have only the most important documents (the ones you’re working on most often) on your PC. Keep in mind that this feature can save a lot of space when you’re dealing with large files like photos and videos.

With the Favorite feature, you don’t need an Internet connection on your mobile device to access your most important files. When you favorite a file on your device, it automatically gets downloaded in Dropbox on that device, where it can be accessed at any time. In conclusion, it is a very reliable cloud storage and file-sharing application.

You get 2 GB of space with the free plan. Although you don’t get a lot of free space compared to what OneDrive and iCloud offer, It is most comfortable to use apps. It also works on any platform, both mobile and desktop.

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