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January , 23th 2023 - Free - 100% Safe
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As technology has evolved and became more and more accessible, it gets really difficult for parents to protect their children from harmful and inappropriate online content. When we say content, we refer to lots of online things, from pictures to movies and even music. Some might think only adult websites are bad for children, but there are other things we need to keep out of their sight, such as violence and other bad manifestations. All these may impact the evolution of our children and give them a bad impression about the world surrounding them, causing them to be insecure and frightened.

This is where DNS Angel comes in and helps you protect your children’s innocence by blocking content that would be inappropriate for them. This software is capable of automatically blocking certain sites, while working in the background. This means it won’t bother you or your kids while browsing the internet, you won’t even know it is there and working.

Just click on the specific button and the application will automatically change the DNS IPs and make web broesing safe. If you want to revert settings to initial setup just press “Restore” button.

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