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It can be used for encryption of disk partitions to keep intruders away. Its encryption algorithm makes it one of the best tools for the maintenance of information confidentiality. Apart from the disk partition, DiskCryptor can also be used for the system partition.

It is designed to give optimal performance, so using this tool you can expect an increase in the productivity and performance of your computer. It is fully compatible with third-party bootloaders, making the process of encryption of the drives and system stability.

If you have disks with large sector size, then this utility can manage the partition for those disks as well, which is often not possible with the other encryption tools available in the market. Additionally, the external devices are also supported by the application whether it is a CD, DVD or USB drive. You can also manage hotkeys through DiskCryptor, making the entire process more comfortable for you.

DiskCryptor can help you in getting your disks or system partitions without much hassle. Even the risk of losing the confidential information is minimal because of its open source nature.

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