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You can manage the data from two computer directories through this application. It enables you to create a linkage between the two of the directories. You can use think linkage data synchronization between them. You’ll have to name one of the directories as the source directory and the one as the target directory. DirSync will ensure that the data in the target directory is the same as that of the source directory.

You can choose structure synchronization too. In this case, your target directory will become similar to the source directory. The extra files present in the target directory will be deleted. Similarly, you may choose to add the files in the source directory to the target one. In this case, the files that are not present in the target directory will only be copied, and the rest of the data will remain as such.

DirSync also facilitates the synching of multiple files together. UNC paths provide the mechanism for such synchronization.

It works on the command line interface and can be used with a little bit of understanding for using the command line interface.

DirSync is an application for synchronization of directories. All the files and folders can be effectively transferred from one of the directories to the other based on your needs.

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