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If you are among the individuals who have difficulty managing your tasks, this application has a solution for you. DesktopCal is an application that lets you convert your standard desktop to a calendar, thus allowing you to keep track of your activities quite easily.

The use of this calculator does not require advanced technical knowledge. You can even manage specific settings of the application to make it customized according to your needs. Some of the changes you can make are in the calendar’s background color, transparency, and font style. You can even resize the space between the cells to make the calendar look better.

The desktop’s original settings, including the wallpaper settings and the folders’ looping, can also be adjusted through DesktopCal. All these features provide you with better motivation to complete the tasks and track them according to the set schedule.

Adding an important event or task is simple. By double-clicking the date box, you can easily add the deadline for the tasks. Additionally, its availability in four different languages makes it easier for users to benefit from it.

Color-coding of each cell is also possible. This way, you can track your daily tasks and have better visibility for deadlines.

DesktopCal is an efficient application to provide you a calendar on your desktop.  The changes allowed in the application make it apt for all the users.

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