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Do you like customized wallpapers, which can be built on your pictures and image? You can use this application for the creation of your customized set of wallpaper. DeskScapes allows you to use your images and pictures to create desktop wallpapers, which can even have animations in it. There is a range of 40 different effects that you can incorporate into your images to convert them into the wallpapers. Some of the impacts that are provided by this utility include the option of changing the color of the application, adding texture, inversion, enabling night mode, and adding the snow to it.

Animations can be in the form of video files or static pictures by adding special effects to them. You can even use the existing images for adding your special effects and impacts in it as well. Adding new colors to the same wallpapers is also one of the features that you can get by using this application.

DeskScapes can work on different monitors quite efficiently. You can set different wallpapers one can of the monitor that it is connected with the network.

The interface provided by the application is easy to use, so you can experiment and choose the settings that will enhance the quality of your wallpaper.

Overall, DeskScapes can help you in customizing your desktop wallpapers for you by providing you with various features.

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