Custom Resolution Utility

Custom Resolution Utility

September, 02nd 2022 - Free - 100% Safe
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Custom Resolution Utility (CRU) is an excellent choice for computers equipped with ATI or NVIDIA video cards because you can take advantage of better resolutions. No installation is going to be required for this tool to work.

The GUI is pretty simple to understand and displays all existing resolutions for the selected monitor. The users can create new detailed, and standard resolutions by using this tool out.

Various parameters can be configured manually, such as horizontal and vertical active resolution. Users can also change the sync polarity and the refresh rate. The graphics driver automatically adds lower scaled resolutions.

There are some predefined automatic options for LCD and CRT monitors. Users can also import EDID files to improve existing resolution configurations.

Custom Resolution Utility is also used in defining standard resolutions, which are particularly useful for CRT monitors. All of the features are broader than the average user can understand. Still, it can be used in some situations, making it possible for outdated monitors to work with higher resolutions.

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