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March, 05th 2019 - Free - 100% Safe
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You can monitor, analyze and even control the functioning of the hardware components of your system. It can work efficiently with the fan, lighting and the power supplies. Corsair Link can provide you with the data related to the temperature of the hardware components of your system and cools it down automatically so that your system can perform in a better way. You can start using the functions of the application by accessing the list of the components that you have in your computer. The temperature of nearly all the parts including the processor and the graphics cards is displayed.

You can customize the fan settings through this application. There are some modes of fan speed etc. already available; you can choose the one that suits your needs in the best possible way. Similarly, the setting related to the LED control can also be adjusted easily.

With the group’s panel, you can adjust the speed of the fan and assign the temperature ranges for maintenance together. All the temperature related data could be depicted in the form of the graph through Corsair Link so that you can manage all the information to generate maximum results for you.

Emailer alerts and update settings can also be adjusted based on your requirements, thus providing you with all the control that you can look for on your hardware component.

Corsair Link is a handy application to manage the fan speed and temperatures of the various components of your computer.

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