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If you are looking for software that can allow you to manage your cryptocurrency including transferring, sharing and purchasing the bitcoins, then Copay is a good solution.

You can get the log of transactions, options to manage the email notifications for transactions, along with specifying wallet name and password protection. All these settings can be easily handled by using the friendly interface provided by the application.

The division of the interface is in two windows. One of the windows allows you to know your bitcoins and history whereas the other ones will enable you to transfer or receive the bitcoin funds.

You can create multiple wallets from this application. It depends on your needs and spending patterns, and Copay imposes no restrictions. Similarly, you can import your wallets from the other applications as well. You can even create a backup for your wallet using this application.

However, one important thing to mention for backup creation is that it involves lengthy setup and requires excessive security requirements. Copay is a tool to help the cryptocurrency dealers in managing their currency efficiently and securely.

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