February, 16th 2023 - Demo - 100% Safe
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Confide is an application which can serve as a messenger. You do not have to worry about the security or the fact that someone else could read your messages.  A complex technology is involved in the data encryption.

It works on technology that allows the message self-destruction. Through this technology, the message once read is automatically deleted. Moreover, you cannot take a screenshot of any of your messages if you are chatting through this application as the data vanishes in any such attempt. Apart from screenshots, other methods through which there are chances of sharing the confidential details or messages of the users are strictly not allowed by the application. These techniques include screen mirroring, and screen recording.

The interface of the application is similar to the other messaging applications through which you can start various conversations at a single point of time. Moreover adding favorites is also possible. Even recent chats and contacts appear in the window. However, you are not able to see what was the last message received or sent as the message is automatically deleted.

Confide is an application to provide you with complete data security and its new technology ensures that your messages are self-destructed once read.

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February, 16th 2023
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