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CloneApp provides you with the ease of creating a backup to your computer, especially when it comes to the registry files. However, registry files are not the only file types that are supported by this application. It can also help in cloning the individual files as well.

It allows you to have more than one restore point on your computer. The best part is that the number of items included in each of the restore points can be dependent upon your needs. This feature provides excellent ease for the users of the application.

Moreover, the easy-to-use interface and prominent buttons available on the Window for each of the interfaces make the entire application’s usage very quickly.

Using CloneApp, you can change some of the application’s basic settings, including the “target option”. You can easily set customized files, which can make your work easier.

You can even save the registry keys on the disk; creating restore points is essential in this case because the unsaved keys might clutter up and lower the speed of your computer. To manage this aspect, the “custom” feature of this application is the most relevant.

You can even have a log file managing all the functions performed with the application. So, if you forget your last move or want to repeat something, you can go to the logs and view the specific command you provided to your computer.

CloneApp is an easy to use application that can help you create a backup of your registry files and the other files on the computer.

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