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Chatty allows you to chat with the other Twitch friends and people around the world. It has usual features like emoticons, the option to customize the colors of the chat window along with some of the specific Twitch related features that can help in the better management of  Twitch. Some of the features include showing a stream of information for the users, providing access to notifications, and an admin panel’s presence, changing the stream.

It is for the users who do not like the chat box in the browser. It is a specially designed application that can work without a browser but provides the same features as Twitch. You can get a compact made for all the messages. Additionally, you can have the history or log of all the activities done.

Moreover, it is easy to sue applications, and accessing it is also easy. You can even add a timestamp or customize your font, providing you easier readability and better tracking the sent messages.

Overall, Chatty is an excellent chatting application for Twitch users but does not like chatting in a browser window.

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