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CD Splash

April, 18th 2022 - Free - 100% Safe
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You can create a different splash screens for the content in CD or DVD through this application. CD Splash is a straightforward application with a specific interface coupled with various features to help the users. The style of the application might show that none of the critical features is available, but in reality, all, the important features are available. This interface is categorized in the previous pane and the tools area.

To start working on CD Splash, you need to specify a specific folder in which your files are placed or the place where you would like to store the created files. You can modify the splash screen with some options starting from displaying the image you like, playing the sound you like or even starting some specific programs. You can even set a timer to all these activities to manage the right screen for you.

One of the problems here is that there is a possibility of the addition of a single picture, so you will not be able to add multiple pictures using this tool rather you will have to use some other tools relevant in this regard.

CD Splash is an easy to use tool to manage the splash screen of your CD.

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