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Do you need to design e-books or other kinds of digital writing or photos from your computer? If so, there are various tools and layouts available on BookWright. The usage is easy and intuitive. You can even use it to design print versions of the books you are putting together.


This software has everything you would expect from a modern-day e-book software. Choose from layouts that are entirely customized or even fixed. Whether you want text or images to be the focus of your book, you have the freedom to choose with this application.

Versatile Options

You can create photo portfolios, fiction books, pictures, books, art projects, magazines, and more. Just design your book and then add the text, photos, or other aspects you want to be included. This only scratches the surface of what is possible with this software. It offers a right suite of options as you undertake the project.

Content Galore

When creating an e-book, you want to be able to make it come alive. That is why BookWright really stands out in our testing. You can choose from various content types. Simply drag and drop the types of images you want with different file formats to choose from. Thanks to the built-in features on the program, you can automatically number the pages, adjust the colors, footers, and other design elements. This automates many of the most essential parts of creating such an e-book.

When it comes to adding text, you can draw a new container and just begin typing. But furthermore, you can import entire rich text files from other sources, giving you plenty of options when it comes to how to design your workflow.

Catch Errors

The last thing you want is to spend all your time writing and producing an ebook just to find out that there are errors when you take it live or print it out. There is a spell checker right in the software, however. This means you are going to get high-quality text that puts you in the best light. In addition, if you find yourself typing up words that don’t exist, you can add them to the custom dictionary.

Something that is impressive is the ability to tell you about errors from images or fonts that are not correctly placed.


BookWright appears to be the total package if you want to design and write e-books and other projects from scratch, all from within one application.

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