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Managing your ZIP archives is no longer a difficult task. You can compress your files and then manage them in a way that can lead you to the easy organization. All this is possible through AZip.

You don’t need to put in much effort into compressing your files. Once you download the software and open it, you’ll see a window. All you need to do is drag and drop the files to be compressed in the folder. Moreover, you’ll see the compressed version of the files. So whether you are a beginner in using this software or an advanced user, compressing files is equally comfortable.

Similarly, decompressing a file from arrives is not difficult too. Just dragging the file to be changed to the main Window will satisfy the primary purpose.

AZip doesn’t crash even with multiple instructions being given to the program at once. Additionally, the search feature available in the application allows you to find the required content easily. You can also merge, recompress or manage the compressed files. Moreover, the possibility of adding up the password to your files is also possible using this application.

AZip is a fast, secure, and efficient program to manage the files compression and decompression.

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