Automatic Screenshotter

Automatic Screenshotter

December, 28th 2020 - Shareware - 100% Safe
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Automatic Screenshotter is a simple application that allows you to take snapshots of your desktop or if you need only to a specified window or programs. Taking screenshots on your desktop is a significant activity even if you need to show something to someone or only to keep an image, you need a tool which can always take a screenshot.

Let’s think you have an OS system error, and your IT technician is a bit busy, he asked you to send a screenshot with your error, what are you doing? Will you apply the old school version using Paint? No, for sure! You will use software like Automatic Screenshotter, probably the best way to take screens in a few seconds.

After the installation process which is straightforward, you can access the application form System Tray, it will work in the background, or you can keep it on the taskbar. The software is very well designed, it always run in the background without affecting your other processes. As I said, it’s made to do its job within the background, and the tool comes with a report window wherever you’ll be able to consider numerous details regarding its activity performances, the space used to be installed and running, and of course the location on the drive.

An essential feature of this fantastic application is the possibility to setup the capturing in a specified time period, for example, you can choose to have captured every 5 seconds, every 30 seconds, 1 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 1 hour or you can select your default period. Also, you have buttons for “Perform a capture now” for launching the snapshots in your browsers.

So, if you want to take a capture only the browsers, no problems, Automatic Screenshotter is produced to know how to do that.

If you have more applications opened and you need to avoid some of them, go to the options, at Application Rules, and there you have two windows, one where you can add the application which must be avoided and the second one if you need to name the processes which must be captured.

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