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This application allows you to keep an eye on the applications operating on your computer. Apart from the data of the application, servers and databases metrics can be collected AnyStatus Desktop.

The interface of the application is quite intuitive so you can use it without having any prior knowledge about the functioning of the application. The plus button on the interface provides you the opportunity to add the programs or application that you wish to monitor. You can even customize the settings for the programs added. These settings include enabling notifications or disabling them.

The integration services like Jenkins, AppVeyor or TeamCity are the part of built-in tracking of AnyStatus Desktop. However, you can easily add more applications through the procedure mentioned above. HTTP status, TCP ports, and TFS can also be monitored through AnyStatus Desktop.

The results can be displayed by using different colors along with the depiction of percentage forms.

AnyStatus Desktop can analyze different programs and applications for you with great ease.

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November, 21th 2020
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