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This application provides you with the opportunity to control one or more computers remotely. AnyDesk has an intuitive interface that makes the usage of this application easier. With this application, you can access the other computers by providing an insight into “Remote Desk”. You can find the documents stored in one or more computers, without compromising the security. That is why you cannot share the documents or transfer any of the files from one computer to the other.

Moreover, you can share the clipboard content of the two computers as well. So, you can copy the content on one computer and easily paste it on the other one. Even taking a screenshot of the screen is possible, which can be saved easily on the desktop and seen by the computers, which has remote access.

You can set the connection between two computers through a one-time authentication process and later it can establish a connection without the requirement of confirmation from the computer being connected.

However, you can adjust the settings for accessibility based on your needs. You can disable the screenshot taking setting, control the mouse or keyboard or modify the other such parameters.

AnyDesk is an application to provide you access to the other computers in a remote manner with the facility of adjusting the settings.

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