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If you need an application to help you learn things more thoroughly, then you should consider Anki. It provides you with flashcards based on your customized needs, enhancing your memory, or reducing the time required to complete your study goals.

You can learn different languages, prepare for challenging exams, remember the names or faces of people, or learn long poems. Anki can work on other browsers and different operating systems, so you can keep the learning process continued everywhere. You can get the same flashcards across multiple devices because synchronization is a significant facility this application provides.

You can create more than 100,000 cards without having any issues in managing them or running the overall application. The card’s layout can be easily customized, providing you with the option to customize them according to your needs. Moreover, the review timing of the cards can also be changed.

It supports audio clips, images, and videos quite efficiently. Moreover, you can utilize some add-ons available to make your flashcards handy and appropriate for learning purposes. Although it is an open format application, you must be sure about your essential data’s safety.

Anki provides you with a flashcard based learning application, allowing you to handle any subject or topic with great ease.

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