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Anjav Antivirus

December, 20th 2019 - Free - 100% Safe
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Anjav Antivirus has been specially designed to provide complete security for your computer. The installation is simple. You don’t have to go through lengthy configuration steps. The entire process of installation completes within a few clicks, and your application is ready to use.

Moreover, the interface of the application is simple, as well. It contains all the necessary tools and there are no hidden options to distract you or limit the usage of this application

Anjav Antivirus provides you with three different scan options. These include a full scan, a system scan, and a custom scan. Amongst these scans, the full scan is the most comprehensive scanning option that you can use. However, you can also create a custom scan mode where you can add the drives and files that need to be scanned.

The primary purpose of this antivirus is to detect the malware from your computer and specific files. However, there are some secondary functions that you can get through this application. Some of these include locking or unlocking your drive. You can access Command Prompt directly from this application. Similarly, Task Manager and Registry Editor can be enabled or disabled depending upon your needs.

Overall, Anjav Antivirus is a simple utility that protects your computer from malware and provids you with many tools to help you in manage your system accordingly to your needs.

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December, 20th 2019
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Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
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