Alternate Archiver

Alternate Archiver

September, 23th 2022 - Free - 100% Safe
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For the management of bulk files, you can use Alternate Archiver. It can help you naming the files in bulk, shredding them, archiving, synchronizing, and various other functions.

You can set various filters on your application for viewing the specific types of files. Within these particular files, by selecting each one of them, you can find the details like the size, type, and date of modification, etc.

You can arrange the files according to the size, name, etc. along with the facility of archiving them directly. Changing the date and time stamps of the files, mailing the selected files through the inbuilt function of the application, and synchronizing content between the folders by setting standard rules are some of the other advantages associated with this tool.

Alternate Archiver is an application with an efficient interface that can allow you to manage bulk operations, including renaming, shredding, and archiving the files and folders.

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September, 23th 2022
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