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If you are looking for a tool that can help you with screen recording and video editing, then ActivePresenter is for you. Apart from both these features, you can also expect e-learning to be one of this application’s features.

It allows you to capture your screen and edit it to create the perfect videos you wish. In the editing process, you can add annotations, graphics, voiceovers, and even video clips.

Additionally, this application ensures that you can capture any of the available applications on your device. After capturing, making changes in it through the ending process is also possible. Some of the editing features that are available for the users include closed captioning, inclusion of background music, zoom-n-pan.

Once these effects are added to make the screen-capturing perfect, you can save the file in several output forms. Documents, videos, images, HTML simulations are all the supported forms. The supported files are MP4, FLV, MKV, WMV, WebM, and AVI formats.

The capturing of the screen by ActivePresenter is not tricky. The application allows you to have SmartCapture. In this feature, you can capture the screen with a simple click or a key. Each click will enable you to capture a slide, which can be merged later to create a video.

You can even use a webcam recording feature along with a screen recording. However, you can use both these features separately as well. The usage is dependent on your needs. Additionally, the audio and video editing are possible without losing the quality of either the audio or video you want to edit.

Incorporating effects like changing the volume, freezing a frame, playing back speed, blurring, splitting, and joining are features you can use while editing the videos and audio.

ActivePresenter is an application that can facilitate both the audio and video editing requirements of the users with many features.

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