7 Sticky Notes

7 Sticky Notes

April, 03rd 2019 - Free - 100% Safe
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7 Sticky Notes does exactly what the name suggests: adds sticky notes directly on the desktop, helping you keep track of daily activities and acting as a “to do” list. It looks realistic enough to resemble real sticky notes. And now let’s turn to the features. You may have imagined that this app hasn’t any.

Well, it permits separation by categories, it can synchronize over the internet and it wakes you up when scheduled to do so, thus acting as an alarm clock. Themes, text, font and color customization and picture attachments make this tool better and better.

Moreover, users have the chance to protect their sensitive data with a password of their choice.

7 Sticky Notes features and benefits:
  • Separate your notes by groups or categories with Multiple Desktops for ultimate organization
  • Synchronize your notes online and share them
  • Slightly graded background for beautiful and elegant notes
  • Picture and images attachments
  • Awesome snap notes and align to grid features
  • Sleep: Send notes to sleep with full wake up time + action customization
  • Alarm: Setup one-time-only or recurring alarms with a complete set of time and actions configuration options
  • Wake up and alarm effects
  • Full file and folder attachment capability
  • Fully personalization of texts, fonts, colors and styles
  • Very cool note tabbing with glass-like frame
  • Clean look: Hidden buttons shown only when mouse over and elegant note pads
  • Transparency effects

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April, 03rd 2019
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Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
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